Friends for over 28 years! We share so many wonderful memories and have some very DEEP ROOTS!  We have done it all. Kids, sports, school, church, yoga, yoga teacher training, supporting our husbands blues band, the Mojo Kings, celebrations, good times & tough times, you name it, we have done it... together. We are so glad that you are joining us on our next journey of life with Deep Roots Yoga Studio. The light in us honors the light in you ~ Namaste ~ Jan & Teri ❤


Jan T


I took my first yoga class literally the day after my daughter’s last volleyball game her senior year of high school in November 2009.  My mom duties were symbolically over and it was finally “me” time.  I was hooked from the first class even though my body felt like it was trying to speak a foreign language.  Over the last ten years, my body has gotten stronger, my confidence has grown and my stress levels are lower.  I started yoga for the physical benefits but have been overwhelmed by the unexpected mental benefits:  calmness, contentment, and acceptance, among many more.  I enjoy the really physical classes that test your endurance and mental determination, but also enjoy the calm and relaxation found in restorative classes that nurture your soul and the peace and tranquility you get from a guided meditation class.  I have met some of the coolest, most incredible people through my practice and continue to do so every day.  The yoga community has some of the warmest and most accepting folks you’ll ever meet.  (Shout out to Christi Tracy of GROW YTT for helping me learn so much about myself in my YTT 200 hours!) So, I advise everyone to give yoga a try.  I promise you’ll get so much more out of than you can even imagine.  Namaste!


Be Still and Know That I am.

I feel like I have been a yogi since I was born! (and just didn't know it). Always striving for deep connection, more creativity, spirituality, movement and love... I knew there was so much more to life than just going through the motions. My yoga journey began when I was encouraged by Jan to visit my first yoga class over 10 years ago at a gym. The more I practiced, the more intrigued I became with everything about it. It is a continuous journey to which you never stop learning. Learning about your body, about quieting the mind, about having connection with your spirit and with others. In class there were always words being used that moved me... like compassion, authentic, cultivate, embrace, present, fierce, joy, grow, explore, enlighten, breathe and many others. Yoga has changed my life.Practicing yoga for over 10 years I decided to take the leap and go to yoga teacher training for growth, not really to become an instructor. NO regrets. After obtaining my 200 hour certification I started to teach and then I went straight into 300 hour. Achieving an RYT500 is one of my most proud accomplishments. There is nothing better than watching students have aha moments, connect with their bodies, and grow in places they didn't even know existed. 


Teri C


Yoga is the "SO MUCH MORE" that I have always been searching for. I am all things yoga. Taking a leap of faith, long-time friend, Jan T, and I started our own studio in Allen, TX (Deep Roots Yoga Studio). When not teaching or practicing, I am studying & learning more to share with others as well as serving as Volunteer Services Manager for All Community Outreach. Whether teaching yoga, serving my community or simply listening to friends, my overall motto is, "Bringing to light the beauty already within". We all have it. 

Picture from our trip to the crystal bridges museum in arkansas.

It takes a long time to grow an old friend


Our sidekick yogis!!!


Hubs (the 2 cuties on the right) in the blues band!


Our hubbys coaching our younger girls on the Lady Bugs!


Our older daughters at camp! The two on the left.


Our youngest girls who are now 27 & 28!


Our older girls softball crew, The Babes!


Family trip to Ruidosa!


More yoga buds!