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“I used to think of yoga as some unattainable, zen-like state that only seasoned “yogis” could experience. To me, it was some elusive, “woo woo” practice of bending bodies into impossible poses while chanting mantras and becoming one with nature. And of course it involved locating your chakras (whatever those were) while scents of patchouli and lavender permeated the air. And while yoga certainly can be many of those things that were both captivating and intimidating to me in the beginning, it has turned out to be so much more.

From the very first week of classes with Jan and Teri, I was hooked. Their acceptance and patience has created such a safe, non-judgmental environment to come and unwind, leaving my cares and worries at the door. No matter what chaos has transpired after a long day, I know I will leave yoga class feeling some peace and clarity, and like I’ve had a full body massage. 🙂

It truly is one of the highlights of my week! Teri and Jan will often read inspirational excerpts from wonderful books, which always seem to resonate with me in some way. The playlist of music is to die for, and I often go home and download new songs to listen to after leaving each week. Teri even brought in a Tibetan Singing Bowl during one class, which I had never experienced, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Our yoga classes have been held outside under the trees since quarantine, which has added a cool nature vibe to the whole experience. There is always plenty of shade provided, and listening to the cicadas and the leaves rustling while lying still on my mat is absolutely heavenly. I would highly recommend Deep Roots Yoga to anyone looking for a little calm in their life. And of all years where one may need calm, 2020 is the year!”




“I have always wanted to get involved in yoga and tried a few classes at clubs but never felt a connection. I was invited by Jan to try out Deep Roots Yoga. Along with a friend, we tried it and I left that first class thinking “That was amazing”. Teri was so patient and helpful and really explained what we were doing, or “suppose” to be doing... lol. That attention was especially important since I was a newbie and fumbling all over myself. After that, I was officially hooked. Even now, (although a little warm at times) while we are having classes outside and under the trees due to COVID, I love it even more! Being outside surrounded by the beauty of nature, I am able to shutout everything around me and focus on my practice. I am so excited about having Deep Roots Yoga in my life and I know with the instruction of Jan and Teri, my practice will only grow stronger as I reach my full potential of becoming a true Yogi!”

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“I enjoy the sessions at Deep Roots studio. We have been outside doing the classes and I throughly enjoy every moment of it. The instructors are amazing and very knowledgeable. The sessions have been very helpful to my spiritual journey and I find a place of peace and relaxation every time I go to a class.”



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“If you told me a year ago I would be doing yoga regularly and become passionate about it, I would not have believed it. But with all the craziness that 2020 has brought into my life and all of our lives this year, I needed something to keep me grounded and present in my body. Deep Roots Yoga Studio was perfect for me! Teri and Jan are the most wonderful instructors and they explain everything in a way that’s perfect for beginners. They create meaningful meditation thoughts and always instruct with such grace. I am so grateful for the ways they have worked so hard to let us continue our practices with social distancing in mind. Doing yoga in the summer heat under the trees of our beautiful property is a wonderful experience.

(Seriously friends, come join us outside sometime. I promise you cannot be more sweaty than me!)”

Keri Lynn

I was diagnosed with Lupus a little over 2 years ago and decided the best way to keep my body feeling good was to keep it moving. I decided Yoga would be a great start. I knew Yoga as an exercise…a low impact way to keep my body strong. But I didn’t appreciate Yoga as a “practice” until I met the yogis at Deep Roots. Yoga is not only a way to challenge my body to do what it’s not sure it can do, but it’s a way to challenge my mind to rest, reflect and appreciate. With the pressures of today’s craziness, each practice Teri and Jan guide us through in this beautiful setting under the shade of the old oak trees, brings me to a “groundedness” I don’t find on my own. My inner hippy loves to shut out the world, if even for just an hour a day, listen to the sounds of nature, feel the warmth of the sun drenched earth under my mat and have my line of sight filled only with the blue sky. It makes my soul smile. Thank you Deep Roots Yoga for taking me in to the outdoors and out of my own way!

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"At the beginning of the year, I attempted yoga for the first time. I had always been intimidated to try it thinking I’d feel foolish not knowing the poses or would lack the ability to do it. My fears were unfounded! Teri and Jan were so patient, supportive and informative. I left my first few practices thinking I really could do this! Now I’m addicted and crave my yoga evenings.

With all the changes in the world this year, yoga has provided peace, relaxation and time to focus on me without the distractions. For an hour, I’m not a wife, mom, daughter or employee. I come out better and refreshed. Outdoor yoga has added an element of nature that is icing on the cake. Hearing the wind rustle through the trees with the birds and cicadas cheering us on, we just rock the shaded practices! I am so happy that I made the move to try something new months ago and thrilled to be a part of the Deep Roots Yoga family."


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